How it begun

The story of how it begun!
Many years ago, more precisely in 2001, life was really a joy! And we were two upper middle managers at Ericsson. We have been sent on a mission to develop the organisation at Ericsson in Madrid.

We had been there for a year or so when a messenger came to us and delivered the news: “The company is bleeding; all the expats need to return”. First came the panic, then the calm and when packing our bags to return to our quite niece positions in the peacefully town of Karlstad in Sweden we were reached by another messenger: “you need to be part of the committee that is working with the selection of group of the people that will need to leave the company”.

These simple words were the embryo of Quini.

Perhaps you wonder why…

The selection process of who to fire was a filthy piece of work and we had been part of the community for so long. This was against our leading stars and values that also formed the foundation of Quini.

Quini means “five at a time”, which in our world became the five pillars that Quini leans on; the Self, the Team, the Environment, the Change and the Motivation. Under the “Foundation” tab, the five pillars are explained.

So we left! We didn’t returned to Karlstad, instead we went to Malmö and started the first Quini in 2002. Now many years later, Quini still lives and still relies on the same foundation that will live much longer than us. We always bring with us our five leading stars that create the Whole.