On the way

On the Way

We have during the years navigate many seas, oceans, and also being stranded in dried places but we always found the way. Our secret has been our values and based on those we created a culture of integration of several domains. We became early boundary spanners connecting technologies with leadership, the individual perspective with the group dynamic, the internal and the external context and above everything else we integrated in a transitional way the “old” and the “new”

We started with a strong focus on technology and the use of technology in business environments, moved to a stronger leadership focus, then we just for a short period, believed in specializing on the area of supply chain until we realized that the right way was the combination of different domains.

A question that we usually get is “what is the secret?” the answer is simple” by integrating a number of competences and skills from several areas, by a passion for learning, and by being loyal to the values”.

On the way it also happened several times that one of us partially leaved the undertakings of Quini to navigate other places, but the more important is that we always returned with an even stronger belief in our pillars and opportunities.