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By Rolf Medina / 11 maj, 2018 / -

Rolf’s book “Managing Project Competence: The Lemon and the Loop” came out February 2018.
The features of the book:
·         Demonstrates competence management in a knowledge-intensive, project-intensive organization
·         Assesses organizational culture and its impact on competence management
·         Links organizational processes managing competence and social processes generating new competence
·         Improves performance management, resource allocation, and portfolio planning
This book describes how we as individuals, as well as organizations, can be efficient in the development and utilization of competence. It takes two perspectives of competence and connects them in a project-intensive and knowledge-intensive context. The first perspective is the ”Lemon,” which focuses on individual competence and the role of organizational culture. The Lemon framework takes the concept of competence based on knowledge and experience and explains how a person can apply knowledge and experience to different contexts. It changes the concept of competence from being static to being agile and dynamic.
The second perspective of competence is the ”Loop,” which models how organizations can manage not only to the benefit of organizational strategies and goals but also to an individual’s future career. The Lemon and the Loop are the basic tools to make competence and performance management agile and effective.
Thes book presents practical ways to acquire new knowledge and skills. One method is REPI (Reflection, Elaboration, Practicing/Participation, and Investigation), which can be used for training, coaching, competence development, agile performance management, and much more. Readers of the book are given new insight into the concept of competence and how both people and organizations can be more competitive, innovative, and open to learning. In addition, the readers get practical tools and advice on how to act in different situations to manage both organizational and individual learning.
“Managing Project Competence: The Lemon and the Loop” breaks old views of looking at competence and brings competence into the knowledge-intensive age.

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